Arizona Business Insurance

Business Insurance in Arizona

We understand the business owners just like you are helping to grow the economy each and every day. We also understand that this happens through your hard work and the dedication you have to your business. We want to support the strength of your business through protecting it. When you own a business you have a lot to protect –

  • Employees
  • Building
  • Vehicle and/or Fleet of Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • And much more..

The most obvious reason to buy Business Insurance in Arizona are the tangible items you can see and touch. If a small fire destroyed many of these items, it would put your day to day work routine at a stand-still. If you own a retail shop and water overflow destroyed your products, they would be unsellable and you’d be at a loss. Although we can’t guarantee accidents won’t happen, we can guarantee that we will used our seasoned expertise to make sure that every piece of your business is covered. This is our promise to you.

Here are just a few examples of the types of coverages most businesses in Arizona require:

General Liability Insurance in Arizona: General Liability coverage protects you from being sued dued to injuries or accidents. For example, if someone slips and falls on your property, they can file a lawsuit against you. General Liability will help to cover some of the related costs due to this accident.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Workers’ Compensation is required in almost every state. If you have employees, you will need Workers’ Compensation. This type of coverage protects you when an employee gets injured in an accident related to their job. As much as employers try to protect and train their employees, accidents to happen. When they do, we want to make sure you’re fully protected. Workers’ Compensation helps with costs related to:

  • Time Off of Work
  • Medical Bills
  • If the Employee Died, Payment to their Family
  • Re-training an Employee for a New kill (if necessary)
  • And much more…

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