Arizona Commercial Auto Liability Quote

Arizona Commercial Auto Liability Quote

By In Commercial Auto On August 24, 2016

Getting you a low cost ARIZONA commercial auto liability quote is the specialty of our senior broker, Tammy Gibbons. While Tammy’s ARIZONA commercial auto insurance network allows her to write the most difficult risks, she also provides the lowest cost Arizona commercial auto liability quote for standard and non-standard risks – such as the examples given below:

 Types of Business

  • Contractors and Tradesmen
  • Courier delivery services
  • Farmers and Ranchers
  • Catering and food services
  • Landscapers
  • Haulers, dealers and distributors
  • Paratransit
  • Ambulances
  • HazMat
  • Oil field 
  • All specialty

 Types of Vehicles

  • Flatbeds, stake-body, refrigerated, box, tankers and dump trucks
  • Light to medium duty pickups, vans and SUVs
  • Personal autos for business use
  • Commercial fleets

 Risk Acceptability

  • Start-ups / New ventures
  • Elderly / youthful drivers
  • Drivers with points
  • Past ‘at fault’ claims or other situations


You can visit us at or click on the Quote tab at the top of this page and let’s see how much we can save you with our free ARIZONA commercial auto liability quote.


Available: AZ, CA, NV & TX


As an aside, our brokers answer their own phones and emails. At your initial contact with us, you are given your broker’s cell phone number and direct email address. Where, in most agencies, your broker hides behind a wall of telephone prompts and disinterested, underpaid receptionists.
At sp Business Insurance Services, all aspects of your account are handled by your broker. This arrangement places your broker’s interests in harmony with your interests because it places responsibility for your satisfaction squarely on your broker. This responsibility includes all followup service such as Certificates of Insurance and Additional Insures Certificated, adding and deleting drivers, overseeing claim resolutions in your favor and all other matters pertaining to your insurance. When was the last time you had a Certificate of Insurance or Addition Insured Certificate in your hands two hours after you requested it. Perhaps this is one of the reasons our client retention exceeds 99%.
The other reason for our remarkable client retention is that we shop the market for the lowest possible premium for your needs. We have no “loyalty” to any insurance company because we, as brokers, represent you – not any insurance company. If an insurance company has a bad year and wants to raise your premiums at renewal, we make a seamless transition to another insurer to keep your rates as low as possible. We require that each insurer in our stable maintain an ‘A’ or better, rating from AM Best.
Finally, we only write commercial insurance.

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