Automobile Service Business Insurance

Automobile Service Business Insurance

By In Business Auto Insurance Program On October 9, 2015

Automobile Service Business Insurance eligibility includes auto repair or service shops, quick lubrication services, car washes, gasoline stations with service/repair shops, self-service gasoline stations, tire dealers, public parking garages and lots and automobile storage. Each of these automobile service business classifications require very different underwriting and the quote should be presented to multiple carriers for the best premium rate and coverages. Many of these business owners are forced to settle for overpriced policies with ‘take it or leave it’ coverage which may not include (or exclude!) insurance coverage needed. We will access the specific carrier which will offer that coverage needed at the lowest possible price. We believe it is extremely important for each business to have insurance coverage tailored to the unique needs of each business. No two businesses are the same even when they provide similar services.


General Liability features:

  • limits up to $3mm occurrence
  • $5,000 med pay included
  • hired and non owned auto
  • excess or umbrella up to $25mm



Property Liability features:

  • accounts receivable
  • building
  • business income
  • computer equipment
  • contents
  • equipment breakdown
  • inland marine
  • outside signs
  • replacement cost or actual cash value
  • valuable papers



Crime Insurance feature:

  • inside premises theft of money or securities
  • inside premises robbery or safe burglary
  • outside premises


This insurance is available from us in AZ, CA, NV & TX.


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