Behavioral Healthcare Provider Insurance

Behavioral Healthcare Provider Insurance

By In Behavioral Healthcare Provider Insurance On April 24, 2015

Behavioral Healthcare Provider Insurance is the umbrella term for the treatment of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, prescription drugs, gambling, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, developmentally disabled, etc. There are more behavioral healthcare facilities in America than there are McDonalds. There are about 13,500 McDonalds and over 15,000 addiction treatment facilities.

Each year, there are 55 million adults who have a mental health episode. Also, there are behavioral healthcare conditions now which did not exist previously – such as internet addiction and internet pornography.

Our brokers are all very experienced with providing immediate certificates of insurance to regulatory authorities.

We can offer these following behavioral healthcare insurance as a total package or we can offer stand-alone insurance for specific insurance coverage. Many times, this stand-alone insurance coverage is workers’ comp but we can offer stand-alone insurance for each type of insurance coverage listed below:

General Liability
Professional Liability
Sex abuse and molestation
Commercial auto (including NOA & HNOA)
Workers Comp
D&O (non profits)

If you are a new business or have had claims or other issues in the past, we can still offer you insurance coverage. In fact, we specialize in “non standard” behavioral healthcare insurance.


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