Criminal Arrest Liability

Criminal Arrest Liability Coverage

What is Criminal Arrest Liability coverage?

In today’s world, everyone is suing someone for something. In the case of some legal suits, crimes leading to your arrest can bring about extreme financial. For that reason, sp Business Insurance offers Criminal Arrest Liability Coverage. This coverage protects you from the risks associated with being arrested.

Who Needs Criminal Arrest Liability coverage?

Business owners and government officials are most well-known for holding Criminal Arrest Liability coverage, however, here are just a few more individuals that have also protected themselves with this type of policy through sp Business Insurance:

  • Utility Workers
  • Television Anchors
  • Police Officers/Correctional Officers
  • Dentists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Political Leaders (city,state,national)
  • Public Workers
  • Day Care Providers
  • Teachers/Professors
  • And many more…

It’s common practice for bad things to happen to good people. Criminal Arrest Liability coverage can provide you and those you love with real protection. Here are just a few of the important coverages we provide to back you up when you need it the most:

  • Cash to make bail
  • Funds for your attorney
  • Salary compensation while you attend court hearings
  • Referral to a quality criminal defense attorney
  • Monies for damages during the suit
  • And more…

Call our team of experienced insurance specialists to receive a FREE quote on Criminal Arrest Liability coverage. It’s never too late to get covered for the occurrences that can really do the most damage. We’re here for you, and we’re ready to get you covered today!