Repo Business Insurance

Repo Business Insurance

By In Repo Business Insurance - Autos Airplanes Yachts etc On April 6, 2015

It seems many insurance brokers and agencies lump REPO business insurance and towing as one and the same. This type of thinking is a critical error on the part of the broker and when he/she sends your information out for quote, he sends it to TOWING markets. The declinations come rolling in during this scenario and if he does get a quote, you cannot afford it. Sound familar? There is a better way!!

Since every REPO company has a different history and claim exposure, we have assembled a basket of insurance companies with different appetites for our REPO clients. Not all REPO businesses repossess automobiles, so for those who repossess airplanes, semi trucks, yachts, etc., you are at the right place to get a great quote for your business!! It’s also important to remember that rural area REPO businesses have very different insurance exposures than REPO businesses in metro areas. There are several other differences between rural and metro REPO businesses that your broker will discuss with you and give you options.

Most of the REPO businesses we encounter are owner-operator companies. In other words, the owner not only purchases the insurance but also works in the field. This means that time is a very valuable commodity to this business owner. Playing telephone tag with an insurance broker or navigating an endless series of computer prompts – only to get voice mail – is maddening
At sp Business Insurance Services we have solved this dilemma by making available the direct phone number to the senior broker of your choice – when you call he/she will answer the phone. Your broker will also be your single contact for claims and the issuance of insurance certificates. This is how we define service.

If you are a new or established REPO business, let us QUOTE your repo business insurance at renewal time and if you are a NEW REPO business, let us QUOTE your insurance now.

There are no automated answering systems or third parties between you and your broker. If you decide to call, our your broker will answer the phone because you will have their direct, private telephone number.
We respect you time and we have eliminated any firewalls between you and the broker of your choice.


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