Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant Property Insurance

By In Vacant Property Insurance On October 9, 2015

This insurance can be difficult to obtain from a main street insurance agent – and, it is expensive when purchased from an agent with few, if any, markets for vacant property insuranceWe have property limits up to $5 million and general liability limits up to $1mm. These limits can be increased to satisfy any minimum requirement with an umbrella or excess policy. If you are the owner of vacant property, you know the unique risks associated with unoccupied property. In addition, vacant property in high crime area pose very unique risk assessment.


Vacant Property Insurance highlights:

  • short term policies available
  • policy can be easily converted upon occupancy
  • One policy for multiple residential properties
  • basic form including vandalism
  • theft can be included or excluded


Vacant Property Insurance eligibility:

  • residential dwellings and commercial buildings that are completely vacant
  • fire station can be farther away than five miles
  • structures undergoing repairs, remodeling or renovations
  • mobile homes
  • individual condos or townhomes


This insurance is available from us in AZ, CA, NV & TX. Please visit us at or click on the Quote tab at the top of this page. We can provide this coverage in high crime areas as well as properties undergoing remodeling while vacant.


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